Win a virtual boudoir photoshoot with Marina Meier!

If you’re a lingerie lover you’ve likely heard of the world of boudoir and the art of capturing intimate portraits. My question is - have you ever heard of a virtual boudoir photoshoot? 

COVID-19 has presented many challenges, but also opportunities for creatives to push the boundaries and do business differently. Marina Meier is one of such visionaries, and today she is sharing a glimpse into exactly how a virtual boudoir shoot works PLUS gifting two virtual shoots. Read our interview below to find out how you could be a lucky winner! 

brisbane boudoir photographer marina meier

Who are you and what do you do? 

Marina: My name is Marina, I am a professional boudoir photographer. I am not the type of photographer, who retouches your skin to make it to look flawless; I don’t alter body shapes or remove stretch marks. My work is about capturing my client's unique personalities and the sparkles in their eyes. My work is about celebrating my client’s real bodies in all their glory with scars, with wrinkles and freckles, in all the variety of sizes, forms and shapes. My work is about creating a safe environment where my clients can feel safe to express themselves and their sensuality without fear to be judged. 

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Why are you so passionate about boudoir photography?

Marina:  I believe expressing our sensuality and being comfortable our own skin is essential for our mental and physical health. I grow up in a conservative environment where the naked body and talk about sexuality were tabu. Studying photography and having a mentor who specialised in artistic nude photography turned my world upside down. I was able to see the beauty and the magic of the human body.  How can I be not passionate about boudoir photography when my clients looking at their photos tell me with the tears rolling down their face, that they have never seen themselves this way? 

boudoir shoot at home

What inspired you to start offering virtual boudoir sessions?

Marina: It was my partner’s idea. We were talking about some businesses being able to go completely online and how this was not possible for photographers. He knew I was using video calls for pre-session consultation and suggested to have mini shoots the same way. 

My first reaction was: NO WAY! I was concerned about the quality of the images. Then a few days later a Canadian boudoir photographer was posting on Facebook about her experiments with webcam shoots.  I decided to give it a go.

In conclusion: A virtual boudoir session can’t replace a face-to-face boudoir shoot. High-quality fine art prints and albums can’t be replaced by blurry screenshots. But an extraordinary situation needs a creative solution. A virtual boudoir shoot is a fun way to connect, explore, and to feel empowered.

moody boudoir photoshoot

What is a virtual boudoir session like? Take us through the journey...

Marina: A virtual boudoir shoot is a photoshoot that takes place in the comfort of my client’s home with no in-person contact.  The client needs to book a spot, have a Zoom App on their electronic device (I prefer a mobile phone) and, very important, they need to have a stable internet connection.  It is great if the client has a partner who is willing to hold the phone, but it works also without help. We can use, mugs, bookshelves, chairs…

The virtual shoot takes about 30 minutes:

  • I video call my client at the scheduled time. 
  • They show me their place and we talk about the outfit and the poses.
  • I give all the directions regarding the posing and take pictures with the help of a video chat.

A few days later they receive five digital files from the shoot.

 boudoir photoshoot vintage

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing a boudoir session, but feels like their confidence is holding them back? 

Marina: Find a photographer you can connect with. I would recommend doing research online, find a few photographers whose style resonates with you, reach out and meet one or two in-person before committing. The right photographer is somebody who you feel comfortable enough to express your concerns and expectations.  Let your intuition help you to pick the right photographer for you. You don’t need to be confident. The confidence will come through a positive boudoir shoot experience. 

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Would you like to try a virtual boudoir shoot? If your answer is yes, Marina is generously offering two virtual boudoir shoots to my Lazy Girls! Each shoot will be 30 minutes long and includes 5 photos. To enter simply contact Marina on Instagram, Facebook or email. 

Happy boudoir shooting! 

Cass xx

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Photography by Marina Meier

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