Your Boudoir Photoshoot Checklist

You go girl - you’ve decided to dabble in a bit of boudoir photography!

I know that your first boudoir shoot can be just as terrifying as it is liberating, because I’ve been there myself. Whether it’s a pre-wedding bridal boudoir to gift to your partner, or a special self love session, boudoir photo shoots are an amazing way to celebrate your body and truly see yourself in a different light.

If you’d like to kick ass at your upcoming shoot, follow these 8 key steps to know you have your boudoir shoot under control. 

boudoir photo shoot checklist

1. Choose a photographer

It’s no mistake that I ranked this tip - your boudoir photographer can make or break your boudoir experience. Not only do you want to be a fan of their photography skills, you want to gel with them as a person so that you feel at ease even when you are at your most vulnerable. I recommend meeting with your photographer in person (where possible!) or asking friends and acquaintances for recommendations. 

2. Decide on a location & style

In the world of boudoir, you have endless freedom to express yourself. Inject a dose of personality into your shoot by considering what make you “you”. If you're an outdoorsy type that loves adventures, hit the road and find the perfect field of sunflowers to snap your shots in. One of my favourite collaboration shoots has been an underwater boudoir in Hawaii! The options are truly limitless - instead of trying to fit into the mould of what you think ‘boudoir’ is, create your own experience. Remaining authentic to yourself will shine through  in your images, creating a special experience that you’ll adore participating in.


boudoir lingerie outfit

3. Buy your lingerie

A lingerie lovers favourite part! Some of you may be reading this thinking “Help! I’ve never bought lingerie so I have NO idea where to start”. My top tip is to think about the parts of your body that you LOVE. If you adore your bust but feel self conscious about your tummy area, maybe a bodysuit will help you to embrace your natural self, or styling with a detachable skirt. If you’re totally stuck for ideas, check out this post here for my top recommendations for boudoir lingerie. (I’ve helped hundreds of women choose their lingerie for boudoir shoots, so you are in safe hands here). 

4. Purchase any accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches to your final look, so again consider the style of your boudoir. For a sophisticated boudoir in a hotel room suite, some sexy black stilettos and diamante earrings will work a treat.  If your boudoir is looking like more of an outdoor affair, perhaps a simple, sheer cover-up robe will be the perfect accessory for the day. Try to organise these finer details well ahead of time so you have time to try the whole look on together.  


getting ready for a boudoir shoot

5. Choose a hair & makeup artist

If there was ever a time to treat yourself to the whole hair and makeup experience, this is it! Check with your photographer, as a lot of boudoir photographers will work closely along side a HMUA or have a few that they highly recommend. But if fancy make up is not your style, stay true to yourself. If a bit of gloss and natural waves is what makes you feel most comfortable, then stick with that. 

6. Research some poses

This is where our friend Pinterest comes into play - it truly is a  wonderland of inspiration that you can save to one handy board to whip out during the shoot. It’s  a good way to get ideas of any specific poses that you would like to try, and remember that your boudoir photographer is an expert so they will be more than happy to help you with this (and know what looks flattering!). Pro tip - you can make your Pinterest board “Secret” if this is something you don’t want to share with others online! 

7. Try on your outfit

Sweet and simple, trying on your outfit is an easy way to feel that little bit more prepared for the big day. It eliminates any worry about what your outfit will look like, because you already know! It also gives you a chance to make any last minute changes.


self love session boudoir shoot

8. Pamper yourself

This whole experience is all about celebrating that amazing body of yours, isn't it? Use this as an excuse to really dive deep into pampering yourself with those beauty rituals you love, plus by including something nourishing for your soul (think journaling, or some mindfulness meditation) it will create a holistic experience for you to prioritise your own self care. Who knows, it might make way for new rituals in your everyday life to prioritise looking after yourself!

There is so much you can do to ensure you get the very best out of your boudoir experience, but above all else ENJOY YOURSELF. This is a special occasion to truly celebrate the skin you are in, so walk into your boudoir session with confidence and know that whatever comes your way, you've got this! 

Love and lingerie, 

Cass xx

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