YOUR LINGERIE HOROSCOPE - Christmas Gift Guide '19

One minute it was January 1st and we were all setting out our intentions for 2019, *blinks once* and it’s nearly Christmas already!

Xmas shopping can be a little bit daunting at the best of times, so for your Xmas shopping inspiration, I have put together a ‘Lingerie Horoscope’ in collaboration with other inspiring female-owned small businesses. Girl power!

You will find a carefully curated selected of handmade lingerie and other treats, especially tailored to the zodiac.

 Let the stars guide you this Christmas...


Lingerie Horoscope - Christmas Gift Guide 2019

You’ll find some peeks of the new pastel designs I have been working on BTS, that launch on November 25th. Also included is heavenly handmade jewellery by Brisbane designs Rebellious Grace for the rebellious at heart, Vegan nail polish by Gloss and Co (absolutely no nasties!) and natural skincare from Skinmade - everything they use is pure and undiluted from it’s natural for which is incredible.

Fair warning: these may be the kind of gifts that you can’t help but keep for yourself! 


mint green lace lingerie set


She’s beauty in it’s entirely, an old soul mixed with modern ways. A free thinker, a non-conformist. Featuring the new Sage Lingerie Set, launching on November 25! 


floral lingerie set


The ultimate enchantress, the soulful muse. A water sign, known for their natural intuition and emotional wisdom.  Styled with my new Fleur Lingerie Set - this limited edition set features ultra cute, vintage fabric chosen as part of my move towards more sustainable fabrics. Pisceans are passionate about matters of the heart, and sustainability and ethics are at the core of their soul.

Fleur launches online November 25th!


lingerie horoscope gift guide aries


The fiercely feminine Aries woman lives by the mantra “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?”. The Aries selection? My Harper Bodysuit, adored for her classic plunge neckline and the way her lace drapes ever so gently across your curves.

The Aries woman sure isn’t afraid to make a statement, and she styles it her way with a detachable tulle skirt or plush satin bow - whatever takes her fancy!


xmas gift for her lingerie


She’s sunshine mixed with a little hurricane… The Taurus woman is a force to be reckoned with. She oozes determination, self reliance and perseverance. The Taurus woman adores the rich tones of the Zinnia Lingerie Set, complementing her fearless and bold persona.

Shop Zinnia online here


lingerie horoscope christmas gift guide 2019 gemini

lingerie horoscope christmas gift guide 2019 gift for gemini


Gemini is completely transfixing - she is magical, whimsical and always sees the wonder in the world. Gemini’s appreciate small treasures - anything too big can feel like it’s weighing down her adventurous heart! Gift her the new Arielle Lingerie Set, for her bralette can be just as much lingerie as it can be a layering piece for Gemini’s wardrobe on her next big adventure. 

Arielle launches online November 25th.


lingerie horoscope christmas gift guide 2019 cancer


The Cancer woman is deeply intuitive. She is both peaceful and passionate, her soul innately connected to the mysteries and magic of the moon. Cancer’s style selection is the Tessa Bodysuit, in a new shade of pastel blue, for dancing in the moonlight this Christmas.

Tessa Baby blue goes live online November 25th!

If you're drooling over these items, then enter the Lingerie Horoscope competition to win your star sign's look! Sign up here to enter!. 

Stay tuned for next’s week’s post with the full horoscope...

Love and Lingerie, 

Cass xx

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  • Hi Cass,
    Love the new designs 👙 & great idea for the Star Signs. ♋️ Fabulous!
    Trish 🙂


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