Winter Elopement Outfit Inspiration

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Elope - to run away secretly to get married. 

Less stress, less people, less to organise and a whole lot of adventure… You can see why more and more couples are opting to elope. 

You get to have a mini getaway for you and your lover, and to be honest in this day and age of COVID, an elopement or micro wedding is sometimes our only option.

effortless elopement outfit

If you’re thinking of eloping, take into consideration where you would like to elope. A stunning view is a must! From there you can pick a season or time of year you would like to be there, and then choose your outfit accordingly.

Gorgeous Lazy Girl Annie recently wore her Lola bridal crop for her New Zealand elopement and it’s honestly making me want to go on an adventure, pronto! I adored how she made this look her own, choosing a high waisted tulle skirt in a dove grey that complemented the mountain scape beautifully - who says brides have to be traditional and wear white? Her fur coat is a beautiful touch and keeps your shoulders warm while still looking gosh darn stylish. 

winter wedding dress outfit ideas

Have you always dreamed of eloping? What would your dream elopement outfit be? 

Check out my handmade bridal crops here to see if I can help bring your dream bridal outfit to life. 

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