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Why is lingerie expensive?

why is lingerie expensive

Does it blow your mind that a garment physically small in size, can attract an expensive price tag? Here’s an insight into why lingerie can be deemed “expensive”. 

I can’t speak for all brands, but I can give an insight into my own business and my practices. Lingerie may be small in size, however a large amount of work goes into each design from it’s very inception. When designing, you have to consider - will this structurally work? Will it work for women of all different shapes and sizes? A designer then has to source fabrics that work with the design features, make patterns, make toiles (samples) and test the samples on real life fit models. 

Then we have the fabrics to consider. I work a lot with stretch laces, mesh and tulle, and of course not all are equal. You definitely get what you pay for - a high quality lace is soft on the skin, yet durable and strong and able to withstand normal wear and tear. My nanna used to say  “Buy the best you can afford to”. Garments made well from high quality materials are designed to last, and contribute a more sustainable and long term view to fashion. 

Finally, the cost of an item often gives an indication to where the garment is made and if the garment maker was paid a fair wage. In terms of ethical fashion, a higher price point indicates that a garment worker or manufacturer was paid a fair price to make that item. Of course a higher price point does not always indicate this - just think of how high fashion items can cost thousands of dollars yet are still made in slave labour conditions. It pays to do your research and consider where your clothes are coming from. 

I can’t resist adding one more point - a reason lingerie may be more expensive too is the values that a brand upholds. Do they support charities or communities to be part of “something bigger” than themselves? Brands often communicate their missions and supporting these brands can help to support something bigger than the brand itself. 

Does this open your mind to the price tag attached to lingerie?

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