What's the point of lingerie?

black lace lingerie bodysuit

What is the point of lingerie?

Is it a waste of time if it’s just going to be taken off?

Let’s think about normal underwear. It has a purpose - to keep you warm, for modesty, to protect your clothing. Lingerie, my friend, is a different experience. Lingerie is beautiful to look at, carefully made from delicate materials with absolute precision and feels deliciously soft on your skin. You can never underestimate the power of great lingerie to change the way you think and feel. A touch of lace can put a spring in your step and confidence in your stride every damn day!

Also, along the same line of thought, alot of us gals enjoy wearing lingerie for ourselves. It makes us feel pretty and special, so even if it is only for a short while, why would you not take advantage of that experience?

As the saying goes, lingerie and the woman wearing it should be savored. Lingerie is romantic, even if you are a little self conscious in your skin, the right kind of lingerie will make you feel bad ass, powerful, sexy, and feminine. Also, who says you have to take it off ;)

So really, there may be no point to lingerie except to feel sexy and cute, but is there really any harm in that? Heck no! It might be a cute set that you wear under your work blouse, or a bodysuit that you tuck into jeans as a killer outfit, but whatever lingerie you wear, let it be your superpower. The spring in your step that gives you the body confidence you deserve!


Cass xx

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