ETHEREAL Editorial - Underwater boudoir photography

“She’s got ocean tucked away in her hair, poems swim under her skin.” - Sanober Khan

Adorned in a tulle gown and red lace underwear, the incredible Daphne Sky Studios brought to life this incredible underwater photoshoot that feels like pure art - equal parts magical and mesmirising...

Look One - Tulle Dress

tulle dress long

tulle dress women

tulle maternity dress

Cassandra wears the Empress tulle gown, a glamorous tulle robe that makes an absolute statement. Perfect to wear for a lingerie photoshoot or maternity dress!

Look Two: Lace Bodysuit

lingerie photoshoot

tulle gown

black tulle dress

Cassandra wears the Sofia lace bodysuit, perfect for occasions that call for your finest black lingerie. 

Look three: Red Lace Bodysuit

red lace underwear

red lingerie set

plus size boudoir

Cassandra wears the Florentine Bodysuit, the ultimate in sexy red lingerie. 

Here’s my challenge to you - channel your inner mermaid and try underwater photography to bring something truly magical to your next boudoir session. I can hand-on-my-heart swear that you won’t regret it! 

sexy red lingerie

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tulle robe

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