Top 4 Lingerie Outfits for a Boudoir Photoshoot

It truly warms my heart to see boudoir shoots taking the world by storm lately - there is truly nothing better than seeing a woman celebrating her body and taking a snapshot of it to treasure forever. 

As one of my all-time favourite boudoir photographer’s Marina Meier says “It makes me feel like I have got a superpower, to help women no matter size, shape or age to see themselves with loving eyes.”

I have been lucky enough to have quite a few of my lovely clients ordering lingerie for their boudoir photo shoots, and it got me thinking about the BEST lingerie outfits for boudoir. So, without further ado, today I have for your my top 5 lingerie outfits for a boudoir photo shoot….

Outfit #1 - Oracle Bodysuit 

Fringe tassel bodysuit

Does this dreamy tassell backpiece not speak for itself? The design process of making the Oracle bodysuit honestly felt like I was crafting a spell - a touch of this, and a touch of that and then the next minute this beautiful little bodysuit had come to life… When I wear Oracle, I love the ultra soft feel of the stretch velvet on my skin, the richness of the solid black colour and the simple yet striking statement of the tassel back piece. The eye-catching cut-out features geometric angles are super flattering on the curves of the female form. 

Shop the Oracle Bodysuit here. 

Outfit #2 - Ava Lingerie Set with Odette Lace Robe 

white lace bridal lingerie set

If your exciting wedding date is fast approaching, you might be dreaming of white lace lingerie to adorn yourself in on the eve of your wedding night or honeymoon. Ava has become a popular little set for the bride-to-be with her beautiful soft lace that feels like a second skin to wear, and flattering high-waisted knickers with a sexy lil lace up back. Romantic details like a matching Odette robe add a little bit of coverage and are all part of the celebratory experience. I’ve also created Ava in a couple of different colours, such as black, navy and pink for those that prefer a pop of colour. 

Shop the Ava Lingerie Set here and Odette Robe here. 

Outfit #3 - Skylar Bodysuit with Suspenders 

black lingerie lace bodysuit


This one's for the lingerie connoisseurs! Skylar is a statement-worthy lace bodysuit, specifically designed to wrap you up, yet unravel in one easy motion. I felt super inspired by the art and history of burlesque when designing Skylar, and find her the perfect piece for channelling your inner boudoir icon. 

Shop Skylar here. 

Outfit #4 - Dentelle White Lace Bodysuit

sexy lace lingerie for wedding night

My Instagram followers named this bodysuit for me, and they chose ‘Dentelle’ meaning lace  in French when suits her simple elegance beautifully. Dentelle has become popular with brides, not only for a pre-wedding boudoir photoshoot but also to wear on the day  as her deep V cut allows her to be layered underneath your wedding gown, and her jersey briefs are a sexy yet supremely comfortable option for your special day. 

Shop the Dentelle Bodysuit here.

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