Thats pretty, but will my boobs fit into a bralette?

plus size bralettes

Do you love all these lacey bralettes you see floating around on the internet, but feel defeated even thinking about getting your bust into them? I hear you girl! I’m here to give you some proof that if you want to rock a bralette, you certainly can, and I’d love to help you out with the process. 

Bralettes are soft, non-wired bras that while uber comfortable, are often associated with not too much support, or teeny tiny cups that can leave bigger-busted gals feeling like not much at all is covered! Sure, a bralette may not be your bra of choice to run a marathon in, but a well-fitting bralette can be a soft and comfortable style you enjoy lazing around home in, for babes of all bra sizes! 

In my opinion, the secret lies in made to measure in making sure that a bralette is created to fit your size. As you can see on my beautiful model Madeline, I created a bralette that had an XL cup size, while only a M size bra band as her back is smaller in size at this section. This ensures that there is enough front coverage, while still offering support in the back. I also recommend wider bra band styles like the Perla and Blake for more support - or even hit me up for a custom design we can work on together! 

bralette for dd size bust

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What are the fit concerns you often have when buying bralettes and lingerie? Get in touch here so I can understand what lingerie solutions I can create for you! Absolutley ALL bodies are beautiful, so lets get passionate about celebrating them. 

With love and support ;)


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