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Stephanie Kim: A mum’s journey to loving the skin you’re in. 

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Today’s interview with Stephanie had me in tears, sharing her heartfelt journey to loving the skin she is in, and knowing that while it is a difficult process at times, it’s well worth it when you get there. Stephanie is one amazing little lady - once you read this article you will know exactly what I’m talking about… 

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What has your journey to learning to love yourself been like?

It's been a tough journey to loving the skin I'm in, I've always been quite skinny, but for a while in my late teens/early twenties - I started to believe it wasn't enough, especially after the loss of my first born — that played allot on my mental state. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week, and weighed less than I was admitting to people, as it was quite under weight. I was into modelling back then too, but after a few surgeries, with scars only 1cm long, I stopped — thinking that I was no longer pretty enough to continue because of my scars.

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How has becoming a mum impacted how you feel towards your body?

Becoming a mum has changed my view on my body, as it gave life to something so precious and amazing. I had some complications which I was pregnant with onyx, and had to have emergency surgery at 6 weeks from hyper stimulate ovary syndrome, and lost an ovary. So whilst I was getting bigger with the pregnancy, my body was trying to heal the surgery scars, so they didn't heal clean and small. But having her here, healthy and alive, it makes the mindset of scars and having the "perfect" body just so trivial.

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Do you have any advice for other new mums learning to love their new body? 

I think having love for your body after having kids is definitely a struggle that all mums face, for me I push myself to see the beauty if every little flaw. Take sexy pics (just for me — or to show my girl friends the pretty lingerie I bought) I started doing life modelling at a local art studio, and not once has anyone commented negatively about my body — they all praise me for being confident enough to get nude in front of strangers ever week. and whilst I know that's not for everything, I suggest that new mums (or any one for that matter) to find something that makes them feel so great about themselves, and do it. 

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Any parting words?

Never let anyone tell you otherwise! You're always having a battle with mind, you don't need a battle with anyone else.


Model: Stephanie Kim

MUA: Ashley Brooke Makeup

Photographer: Daphne Sky Studios

Location: Burleigh Abode

Lingerie: Poppy Bodysuit by Lazy Girl Lingerie (Limited edition - only one left, ever!)

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