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Feeling sexy as hell while pregnant with Amaris Crystal.

This shoot is a tribute to the mummas, and mummas to be! I had the honor of shooting with Amaris, from Amaris Crystal Photography, to capture her beautiful pregnancy just days before her little one arrived into the world. This incredible woman is a mum of three, so she sure knows what she is talking about when she shares her top tips for feeling sexy while pregnant. Here they are:

  1. Slow down. It's ok to just chill or nap all day, when you really think about it your body is doing an amazing thing. It is beating two hearts, working for four lungs, developing two brains (because the brain of a mumma changes too, FYI). Just REALLY LISTEN to your body and what it needs. If that bra is too tight, then let them be free, don't try to do the same things you do when you are unpregnant, and love your amazing figure.

maternity fashion by lazy girl lingerie

maternity boudoir session by lazy girl lingerie

  1. Treat yo'self. There is nothing worse than feeling off especially by the way your growing body looks. So treat yourself to a new maternity outfit that you love and that will get you excited to wear it! Oh and that goes for food, but don't overdo it on that me!

maternity boudoir by lazy girl lingerie

maternity fashion photography by lazy girl lingerie

  1. Meditate. Find your inner peace, do something that grounds you. No matter if your pregnancies are easy or hard your mentality still needs a refresh, EVERY DAY! Can be a nice hot shower, or even 2 minutes of pure silence. But you and your baby need that. Your body needs it and it is just an overall good habit to have.

pregnancy photos by lazy girl lingerie

pregnancy lingerie by lazy girl lingerie

  1. Capture it! One thing I always hear other mummas saying is how they regret not getting photos done and mostly its because money was tight or they just didn't get the chance to do it or they felt too big! I am telling you now...DO IT! Even if you do not feel comfortable with the way you look or even want to remember this experience, trust me you will want to! Because these bad symptoms and feelings will be forgotten and so will your baby bump if you don't choose to capture it. Invest in yourself.

maternity photoshoot by lazy girl lingerie

mum to be gifts by lazy girl lingerie

  1. Enjoy lingerie. See I tried ordering stuff from Amazon, eBay, and even bras'n'things, even tried a little target. Nope it just felt too tight, or uncomfortable and I couldn't enjoy feeling sexy. And honestly I didn't know that lazygirllingerie was gonna be any different. But oh my! The minute I put the top on....FREEDOM. I could breathe, move, and it honestly felt like nothing was there and I turned around to look in the mirror, and omg! They looked amazing too. See with other brands my back had gotten a bit wider and my size was the same but with a wider back and the stores didn't custom make anything and there was only like one option in my cup size. My boobs felt so good and it honestly felt like you weren't wearing anything, which was the best part! The bottoms were just as cute and they didn't ride up uncomfortably either they stayed in one spot and the lace detail was amazing. I was thinking I could pass this off as a bikini. But honestly they are amazing, you'll see what I mean when you get your set.

lingerie for all bodies by lazy girl lingerie

body positivity by lazy girl lingerie

In the end, this is a time of joy and excitement where you will get to meet another little version of you, it's beautiful and you deserve to remember it and love it! So these are the tips that I pass on.



Model and Words: Amaris Crystal

Photography: Amaris Crystal Photography

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