Meet the Stockist: Purple Honey.

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Purple Honey is a destination for curated luxury lingerie and intimates and I am so excited to be party of the family! In this interview, founder Melanie Cvetkovic shares her story on what it is like to open an online lingerie boutique…

What is Purple Honey and what sets it apart from other lingerie stores?

Purple Honey is an online destination for curated luxury and boutique lingerie brands! I’ve sourced brands from all parts of the world to offer different styles and price points to suit individual tastes and budgets. Purple Honey is one destination where you can find your next favourite piece to add to your collection and be sure that it is of high quality and a brand that you won’t find in your everyday lingerie or department store.

Love the name! Is there any meaning/story behind the name?

There is no great story behind the name, but I have always liked brand names that are a little quirky and left of field, something that sticks in your mind. I felt like ‘Purple Honey’ was just that, totally random. I mean, honey is so not purple!

purple honey online luxury lingerie

What made you want to start an online lingerie store?

I’ve always been a lover of fine lingerie and matching sets! It’s funny but it’s such a good feeling when you have nice lingerie, especially matching, underneath your clothes. It adds an element of confidence, even if you’re the only one that’s going to see it.Our society and the millennial generation are so compelled by social media these days andwe are serial online shoppers. Social media is an amazing tool to promote a business and for me, a great place to start. It’s so easy to reach a wide audience and share photos andinformation on your products, as well as developing a brand image and personality.Mixing my love of lingerie with the power of online shopping and social media just felt likethe right place to start!

What has been your favourite part of the journey so far, and where do you hope to go with it?

Opening the very first delivery of stock was so exciting, I sat around the box with my sisters and we opened it together like it was our first Christmas present! It was so much fun sourcing stock, seeing and feeling the beautiful quality and appreciating the details that brands have put into making undergarments more than just undergarments.I hope to expand and diversify the Purple Honey range, maybe bring in swimwear down theline… but we will wait and see!

Check out the range here.

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