Lingerie Influencers You'll Love to Follow…

You’re welcome in advance for these amazing lingerie accounts that will grace your feed with only the finest of lingerie inspiration. 

lingerie influencer blooming ace


Blooming Ace’s romantic lingerie collection and use of flowers in her imagery is so damn beautiful PLUS her ethos of “learning to appreciate my body one post at a time” is exactly the kind of inspiration I want in my feed.

(Wearing Hopeless Lingerie in featured picture)  


lingerie influencer bepeachiee


I am constantly inspired by how creative lingerie bloggers are in personalising their imagery to be so utterly unique. These rose petals are giving me all the date night inspiration!

(Wearing Hopeless Lingerie in featured picture)


lingerie influencer alexisinlingerie


One of my favourite posts by Alexis is this “I freaking ❤️❤️❤️ love lingerie. I love how it looks. I love how it is made. I love how it is designed. It’s there to enhance, to showcase, to emphasize the good, to attract and to be attractive. Case in point is this exquisite bodysuit 😻. I love that lingerie is sexy af and that it reinforces my self-confidence.

(Wearing the Willa Bodysuit by Lazy Girl Lingerie). 


lingerie influencer mylingerie addiction


The sweetest soul, Shiori is an absolute gem inside and out. Did I have a total fan girl moment when I met her at the Sydney Retail Festival? You bet ya!

(Wearing the Enchanted Romper by Missy Noir X Lazy Girl Lingerie Exclusive Collection) 


lingerie influencer all that is barely there


Everything I love about allthatis_barelythere is summed up in her bio: “Lingerie lover, ethical fashion devotee, philosopher at heart.”

(Wearing Freolic Lingerie in featured picture)


And these are just a few of the amazing accounts out there in the lingerie community. When I hosted the Melbourne pop-up store alongside Missy Noir, Justene pointed out that so many of us have alter-egos for our lingerie accounts, which I think is super fun. When we were introducing ourselves we had to introduce ourselves by our pseudo names which was funny. Oh the joys of the internet! 

Who are your favourite lingerie accounts to follow? Let me know in the comments so I can share the love to them. 

Love and lingerie, 

Cass xx

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