How to wear lingerie for the first time.

how to wear lingerie for the first time

“Help! I’ve never worn lingerie before!”

If this is a phrase that runs through your mind when looking at lovely lacey lingerie online, rest assured you are not alone. I have received many messages from women who want to try wearing lingerie, but feel afraid to do so as it is their first time. How do you rock your lingerie and feel sexy and confident in it? I’m sharing a few tips of mine below to help you get started. 

First things first, it’s great to pick lingerie that you feel AMAZING in. Think of a part of your body that you LOVE and find a piece that highlights this, so your focus is on what you love about yourself. 

My next tip would be to remove the pressure you may have placed around wearing the lingerie. I think if you allow yourself to be stressed about the experience, then you may be putting pressure on yourself and that may make you feel uneasy. Whether someone else has the pleasure of seeing you in lingerie or it is a special treat just for you, lingerie is about celebrating your body. Grab a glass of champagne, and celebrate all the amazing things your body has done for you!

My third tip is, in the words of Nike, just do it! Taking the plunge, biting the bullet -  however you want to put it, just like most things in life, if this is something you have always wanted to do but have held yourself back from, just do it and you will often find the experience is no where near as hard as you may have imagined. Heck, you might end up feeling sexy and fabulous in your own skin, which is amazing, right?! 

There we have it gals - my top tips for wearing lingerie for the first time. If you still feel unsure, or would like more recommendations on a style that would suit you best, always feel free to hit that Contact tab and send me an email so that I can help you! It would be my absolute delight. 

Have a lovely day!

Cass xx

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