How To: Style Your Home Like a Pro

There’s certainly no place like home - but do you ever feel lost on how to style your space? Today I chat to Emma Scott from Gold Coast styling business For Love and Living on how to style your home like a pro. 

for love and living how to style your home

Who are you and what do you do? I am the Founder of For Love & Living , which is a boutique Event + Wedding Planning and styling business based on the Gold Coast.

What motivated you to start For Love and Living? My story started a little over a year ago, sparked by what seemed like a life long desire to create spaces that are beyond just the physical elements. I have a Psychology background, and had been working in the industry for six years. What has resonated with me is the strong connection between our emotive responses in respect to our environment.The purity of this, pushed me to create a space where I could essentially fuse the two together, my love of design with human connection. Curating spaces that ignite emotive response that resonate personally.

how to style your home like a pro by for love and living

Aside from looking pretty, what do you think styling can bring to someone's home? Far beyond the physical elements that culminates a home, should be a space that sparks joy, clarity, inspiration and more importantly forms a representation of your own personality and style. The way your home is styled forms an undeniable connection to your own state of mind when entering this space. The way you style a home creates the ability to enhance and improve your environment allowing you to produce a space that makes you feeling calm or relaxed.

tips for styling your home by for love and living

What are your top tips for someone looking to style their home space? (Include any pictures that demonstrate)

My top 4 tips to styling a home:

  1. A clear concept - Ensure you have a clear vision prior to starting the journey of purchasing pieces to style your home. This is a very common mistake to buy pieces before actually knowing what style you are wanting to achieve. The result of this is a space filled with items that are mis matched, and a hole in your back pocket.
  1. Statement pieces - firstly your larger items such as your lounge and dining table should be purchased first as these are your statement pieces. This will help act as a guide to ensure your smaller styling items such as your coffee table, side tables, dining chairs and cushions will compliment one another.
  1. Keep it minimal - Don't over complicate each space in your house, keep it simple if you stick to a clear vision you don't need lots of "things" to fill the room. Another tip is to try purchase items that actually have a purpose, this will help reduce the products you buy.
  1. Colour Palette - a hot tip is go to Bunnings and purchase the free pantone colour charts, choose what colours you wish to showcase in your home and actually take these charts with you when picking your styling items out. It's a great tip I use to ensure your purchasing items that compliment your colour palette.
Emma hosts styling workshops on the Gold Coast, so check out her Instagram to stay up to date!

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