How to Organise Your Lingerie Collection.

ideas to organise your wardrobe


Carrie Bradshaw is a mood always. That being said, if your current wardrobe storage just isn't doing it for you, scroll on to be inspired for ideas of how to create the lingerie wardrobe of your dreams. 

You’ve got the lingerie collection & I’ve got the ideas to organize it for you!

Let’s go girls. 


how to organise your lingerie drawer


The very first step in your wardrobe is treating yourself to some nice hangers. Ditch the miss matched collection you have adopted over the years - matching hangers work wonders to visually unify your wardrobe. Plus the right ones will also help to support your garments and make sure they don’t snag on anything while they are in storage. 

Weigh up your options and think about whether to go with padded, wire, wooden. Let’s steer away from plastic wherever possible! 

For some inspiration for where to buy hangers, check out the following: Rose Gold Hangers, Black Velvet Hangers, Personalised Padded Hangers


simple ways to organise your lingerie


Storage boxes & organisers will be your new best friends! Drawer inserts are really great for your day to day underwear and bras, or items that you have a large volume of (think panties and everyday bralettes). Storage bags like this one by XYZ are great to keep a suspender set together so when you feel like wearing the set, you know exactly whereall the parts are. A storage box is a great idea for larger items (think robes, chemises, etc) that take up a bit of room, or maybe a lingerie outfit that is a bit extra and you’d like to keep private. 

For some inspiration for where to buy storage organisation, check out the following: Storage Inserts, Lingerie Bags, Storage Boxes





Unique ways to organise your closet and wardrobe


This can be the most creative part! Maybe you will go with a full bedroom dedicated to your wardrobe (hey - a gal can dream!) or maybe a free-standing garment rack is more realistic for your closet space. Whatever your choice - make it your own! Even a tiny wardrobe space can be styled and organised to be uniquely you. Don’t be afraid to get creative either - hunt around on Facebook Marketplace for vintage dressers that can be revamped into a stylish storage solution that you absolutely adore! 

Pro tip: Pick one or two of your absolute FAVOURITE items and find a way to hang them facing outward so you can see them at a first glance. You might not get to wear them everyday, but think of them like a little piece of lingerie art that you get to smile at every time you catch a glimpse of them. 

Image Credits (left to right): Dresser, Closet Top, Closet Bottom, Garment Rack.


how to style your wardrobe closet


Would I even be a lingerie designer if I didn’t encourage you to add a touch of boudoir? Inspire your very own parlour with something glamorous that makes you feel every bit a princess each time you step into your wardrobe space. Maybe it’s a floor length mirror, a vintage armchair or ottoman, or even simply a portrait of your favourite style icon or piece of art that inspires you each time you look at it. Bonus points for styling with your favourite quote that keeps you inspired. 

Image Credits (left to right): Wardrobe Inspo, Mirror, Chaise and Ottoman


I have always felt that what we wear does wonders for how we feel about ourselves. So naturally, the space where we store our clothing and dress ourselves reflects the same. Think about one small change you could make to your wardrobe space to make it feel like an inspiring place to get dressed. Let’s make a point to implement this change. Do it for YOU! 


Love and lingerie, 

Cass xx

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