Your sizing questions answered.

One of the most common queries in my email inbox is lovely ladies wondering what size they should order their Lazy Girl Lingerie in. So I decided it’s about time to do a blog post to assist with this. 

Online you will find my size chart in all item photos, and under the About section of my website. This is a great guide if you find yourself fitting a standard size. You simply check your measurements according to my size chart and go from there. 

If you find yourself measuring different sizes in different areas of your body (e.g. your bust is an XL but your hips are a M), do not stress! This is perfectly NORMAL and exactly the reason why I offer a made to measure service with my designs. I am so passionate about women celebrating what makes them unique, and you bet this comes down to custom sizing.

Custom sizing allows me to work with your unique body shape, and create something that makes your lingerie feel like a superpower, worn to celebrate their body and take on the day with effortless confidence. It also shifts our mindset to that of a conscious consumer, who is mindful with their purchases ensuring they know who made their clothes, under what conditions, and inspires a lifetime of treasuring clothing to make it last as long as possible.  

So how exactly do you take your measurements? Check out the images below for a guide on taking your measurements accurately.

how to take your clothing measurements

how to take your measurements for clothing

how do you measure yourself for clothes

a woman's guide to taking measurements

how to take body measurements

taking body measurements for clothing

how to take measurements for lingerie


Love and Lingerie, 

Cass xx

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