Getting your sizing right when ordering lingerie online

Online shopping - no pants, no makeup. No problem. 

There’s so much to love about online shopping, pus you can’t deny how exciting it is on mail day!

Something you might struggle with though is knowing how to order the correct size when ordering online. I know I definitely do! Will it fit? What size am I? Is this sizing different to other brands? It can be a little overwhelming, but I am here to help if you need assistance with lingerie sizing.

First things first, size guide. Below you will see my size chart for Lazy Girl Lingerie. This is included on each item listing and can also be found in FAQ’s. It gives details of bust, under bust, waist and hip measurements and the size they correspond to.

how to order lingerie online by lazy girl lingerie

Why do I ask for measurements? It is the most accurate way of determining your size! I know myself, I am a size 8 in some stores, a size 10-12 in others, then sometimes a size 6. WTF? I know right. I recommend you select the size closest to your measurements when you checkout online.

When you take your measurements, you might find that you are a variety of sizes (e.g. XS bust, S under bust, M waist, L hips) - this is totally normal! This is a huge part of why I started making lingerie, because I found it was often sold in sets, and my top half is a totally different size to my bottom half. I wanted pieces that flattered my individual shape and size requirements, and I couldn't find them, so I made it! In this instance, I still recommend you select a size that is closest to your measurements, then in the “Notes” section of your order enter your bust, under bust, waist and hip measurements so I can custom make your order especially for you. This means that when your order is made I make tweaks and adjustments in the pattern making and cutting stages,  according to your sizing needs.

In the notes section of your order you can also include your bra size - this helps me to know whether to make the “cups” of your piece larger or smaller according to your needs. Finally, you can also include information about your torso length - you might have  a long or short torso and need the piece adjusted accordingly.

I hope this helps my lovely Lazy Girls, and please feel free to reach out if you need further assistance with sizing - email for enquires. 


Cass xx

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