A dermal therapist’s guide to getting glowing skin this winter.

As we suddenly find ourselves at  winter, skin concerns can be high on the beauty radar. Just how do we get that glow-worthy complexion that is so sought after? I chat to dermal therapist Maddie on her top tips for doing just that.

get glowing skin this winter

Hey Maddie! Could you give my readers a quick intro on who you are, and what do you do? Hey beauties, my name is Maddie, I am a Dermal Therapist. Although I am an extremely busy gal these days, my inner heath guru comes out to play here and there and this is when I make time to cook wholesome foods, go for early morning walks with an ocean views always!, read health journals, listen to my favourite podcasts (Healthy Hustlers, Beaute Industrie, The Health Code) and take candle baths. 

What makes you so passionate about all things skin? The thing I love most about working with skin is the amount of self love that is required in the process of nurturing my clients whilst they’re on their skincare journey. For the entirety our lives we wear the same skin and I feel as though our skin identifies who we are and tells a story! A little bit cliche I know! But it’s true. 

I work with clients from as young as 16, right through to 70+ and each individual has their own reason for coming to a space where they can be heard and educated about how they can improve their skin. I am SO passionate about  purposefully helping people and creating a change!

I love the direction that the Beauty industry is heading. The way in which Dermal Therapists are working closely with natural health and wellness practitioners and having skin conditions recognised and treated with topical skincare products and clinical treatments but also in conjunction with Naturopathy and other natural therapy avenues. This revolution for me is that EXCITING! 

Most people don’t see the skin for the incredible organ that it is! Yes the skin is our LARGEST organ! One of the skin’s key role is to provide protection. Protecting our internal homeostasis from outside invaders. So why would we not want to feed and nourish this organ so that it can do its job.

wholistic skin care tips this winter

What are some of the most common skin issues you come across in your practice? Over exfoliating - I think that lots of people assume that they can “scrub” it away. Overuse of exfoliating factors can disturb the barrier of our skin. Without a proper functioning barrier, our skin then becomes dehydrated, sensitised and stressed. This ongoing action then creates an environment for micro bacteria’s to inhibit and lead to skin conditions like rosacea and acne. *Remember that their are ingredients like AHA’s and BHA’s which can be found in cleansers, serums, masks etc that also stimulate and exfoliation action within the skin. So imagine if you had a cleaner that had glycolic acid in it and you were using it 2-3 times a day and then exfoliating multiple times a week... that’s a lot of stress on the skin. 

Something else I see a lot of misunderstanding about is between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals - there is a significant difference between the products sold in supermarkets, large beauty chains and chemists as oppose to those sold in clinics. Cosmetic company’s target their audience via branding, they feel and smell nice,  whereas cosmeceutical company’s invest their time and money into research, formulating products with a specific percentage of active ingredients that are recognised by the skin cells and can make physiological change to the function of our skin. There is a HUGE gap when you’re trying to achieve results. I always tell my clients that 70% of results are achieve at home. We can do all the clinical treatments in the world to a skin, but if the correct home care is not being used, the skin isn’t being supported and nourished. 

What is something you consider essential for getting that glow factor with your skin? Topical vitamins and EFA's! - Even though our skin is our largest organ, however it is not considered a vital organ by the body. Fluids and nutrients are going straight to the liver, kidneys, brain, heart and lungs. So you could imagine if you’re constantly depleting your body of water, micro and macro nutrients, your skin won’t receive the nourishment it needs to support it function. That’s why topical vitamins and essential fatty acids are vital for strong, healthy, glowing skin!!

I always recommend that my clients support internally as well as topically.

winter tips for glowing skin

Since great skin in achieved from the inside out, what lifestyle tips do you have for us? Lifestyle tips would be to always wear spf! One that is designed for the face and prescribed by a skin therapist! I don't go a single day without it. Drink plenty of water! I sound like a broken record but you need your h2o!  Eat a wholesome diet. Rich in vegetables and fruits! Do you research! Find out about your micro nutrients, where to source them and what role they play for the skin. 

Any favourite product recommendations? Essential Restore Serum by Ultraderm is an all time fave - great for restoring the barrier of the skin. Purity Solution Oil by Cosmedix (cleansing oils are game changing for removing making). And finally, Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. Gives the glow factor! 

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