Exploring lingerie as poetry with Krystle Ada Epum

There are few joys that outweigh the blissful connection with another creative through collaboration. When creative people join forces, magical things happen. 

Today I am sharing with you some very special magic, getting to know the very incredible Krystle from @krystleinlove. Krystle Ada Epum is a poet and storyteller, emerging in the literary world with her storybook poetry films. She explores the art of love, womanhood, and Mother Nature. 

I was lucky enough to sit down (via email, since we live on opposite sides of the globe!) with Krystle and get to know more about her work as an emerging poet and storyteller in New York. I hope you adore this special interview, and the incredible poetry film Krystle has created ‘She Held The Answer’ featuring the Tiffany Robe. 



Your poetry films are so incredible and unique. What got you started in your career as a poet and storyteller?

Thank you! That really means the world to me because I speak from my heart. I decided to start on this path of poetry and storytelling to inspire women and paint a more beautiful picture of our lives. To really allow women to fall in love with themselves and the world around us. 

As a creative, how does writing poetry compare to bringing it to life via film?

Many of the most impactful works of art are visual. So, I really wanted to combine both the written word and film. As I write, I actually start moving! Closing my eyes, dancing, watching my hand rise and fall - movements that come to me during the writing process often end up in the film.

What was your inspiration for your film She Held The Answer?

The inspiration came from me constantly looking outside of myself for the answers to my problems, and noticing many other women around me doing the same. I had to do some deep soul searching to discover that the answer will always come from within.

What connection do lingerie and poetry hold for you?

Lingerie is poetry! Wearing lingerie is one of the best ways for me to activate my goddess energy and allow my creativity to flow. When writing poetry, I’m almost always in a silk robe or silk and lace slip.

During the challenging circumstances of Covid/2020 how have you protected/maintained your creative energy?

It’s been a blessing in disguise, honestly. In New York, life is so fast-paced. Even though I was surrounded by other creatives, I felt drained by the end of the day. Having to stay home and reflect on life has allowed me to refocus my energy, create poetry films, and share work that I love.


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