Everything you Need to Know about Wedding Lingerie & Hair and Make-Up

Cassandra from Lazy Girl Lingerie and Katrina from KH Luxury Makeup catch up a few months after their latest photoshoot shoot together to talk about all things you need to know about wedding lingerie and hair and make up

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A little bit about Katrina and her beauty business

Katrina is a 5-star reviewed, hairstylist and qualified makeup artist in the Logan, Ipswich, and Brisbane region. As a beauty specialist, she loves all things wedding, bridal, and fashion. Her services range from makeup applications to e-learning and in-person one-on-one classes. 

Cassandra, as you know, is the proud founder of Lazy Girl Lingerie, the stunning Australian lingerie brand. Now we all know lingerie encompasses everything from bras and underwear to sexy sleepwear and all things inbetween. This means anything you will be wearing on your special day while you are getting ready will be equal parts elegant and comfortable... 

As professionals in the industry, we have both seen our fair share of beauty faux pas especially when it comes to white lingerie and bridal makeup. Somehow, when these mix there seems to be an undeniable bond leaving crisp white silk or lace stained with waterproof makeup and no way to remove them. Luckily we are here to share some secrets to stop this from happening to you on your special day!

Tips to avoid getting a makeup stain on your bridal lingerie

  1. Put your lingerie on before you get your hairstyling and makeup done. Although this may sound counterintuitive, when you put your lingerie on before the makeup artist arrives, you can cover it using the cape most makeup artists carry. This way there is no need to slip the lingerie over your hair or face of makeup risking potential makeup marks. 
  2. If you must put your lingerie on or take it off after you have had your makeup applied, use an old t-shirt to gently cover your face while sliding your garments over your head. You might want to enlist your maid of honour to help remove the delicate piece while you hold the t-shirt in place over your face. Then if any makeup gets on your old t-shirt it can be easily removed or delegated to a laundry day shirt. 
  3. Now if the regrettable happens most makeup can be removed with a bi-phase eye makeup remover although let's hope it never comes to this. A bi-phase eye makeup remover has both an oil-soluble and water-soluble component to dissolve the waterproof eye makeup we all love wearing. Luckily, it works on most other makeup as well. 

Now if all else fails and you do get makeup on your lingerie it's not a bad excuse to get another piece, is it?  

You can learn more makeup tips and tricks from Katrina during a one-on-one makeup class or enlist her as your Professional Makeup Artist for your wedding day.

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