Engagement Party Outfit Ideas.

Stuck for ideas on what to wear as a guest to an engagement party? Here’s your go-to guide for an outfit that suits the occasion.

what to wear to an engagement party

  1. Mind your colours.

Traditionally, the bride to be may be wearing white on her engagement party, so it’s always best to check with her to see how she feels about guests wearing her signature colour - better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a fashion faux pas, I always think! With that out of the way, your options are endless! A good place to start is determining your complexion tones (warm, cool etc) and picking a colour scheme that complements your natural beauty.

  1. Classic never goes out of style

If you’re a Lazy Girl lover, chances are you might be a classic kind of gal. I think especially for an important occasion, it’s nice to go with a classic style and if you want to include more “trend pieces” opt for this with your accessories and hair/makeup. That way you are never looking back at old family photos in years to come thinking “What on earth was I wearing…” (Speaking from experience here! When I thought it was a great idea to wear leggings under my dress to my Dad’s wedding #2000’svibes)

  1. Make sure you can last the distance in your shoes!

Cute as your kitten heels might be, if you can’t last a good few hours and a dance routine in them, I’m sorry to say that it might be best to opt for a comfortable (can still be cute!) pair of shoes that won’t have you missing any of the party. 

outfit ideas engagement party

And, I couldn’t help but include a work in progress photo what I whipped up on my sewing machine for an engagement party I attended recently! I finally had the right occasion to bring this metallic pleat to life in a gathered skirt, opting for a knee length hemline and of course a lace top to match! 




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