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Dare to Bare and Dare to Be Different!

Cupid's Undie Run Gold Coast for Children's Tumour Foundation

As I write this post I am a changed woman - I ran in my underwear in public for charity, and I had a bloody good time while doing it! You might have seen my antics last Sunday, where Justene from Missy Noir and I stripped down and showed our vulnerability running in the Cupid’s Undie Run. Are we totally crazy? Probably! Are we super passionate about practicing what we preach? Hell yes! 

So what was Cupid’s Undie Run all about? Cupid’s raises awareness for the genetic disorder Neurofibromatosis. The event is all about celebrating our differences, daring to bare, and showing vulnerability in support of suffers of this disease who put on a brave face each and every day. By raising awareness and much needed funds, the foundation is supporting individuals and their families to overcome the challenges of living with NF. 

At the run, we were lucky enough to meet the Manager of the Charity Rachel Skelton. She is an incredible woman who has changed the life of many children and their parents who have been diagnosed with NF. Knowing that they are not alone, and a sense of community and belonging works wonders, and brings awareness to this genetic disorder that affects one in 2500 people.

A huge THANK YOU is also in order, as thanks to the generosity of you good folk, we were able to DOUBLE our fundraising target, raising $1000 for the Children’s Tumour Foundation!!! This is absolutely brilliant and I just can’t wipe the smile off my face. Well done guys, and thank you SO much for your support. 

It is also not too late to donate, if you would like to. There is no cure for Neurofibromatosis and very limited options for treatment, so events like these help to fund research into hopefully one day finding a cure. Send me a message if you would like the link to donate!

Here’s to an even bigger and better Cupid’s Undie Run next year! First step - I will be doing some training. Man that 800m on the beach was hard work! Plus, we would LOVE to have more people join us for a team, so get on board to join in the fun.

P.S - We featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin! Click here for a link  to the story.  

Lot’s of love, 

Cass xx

Photo Credits: Regina King

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