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Chapel Street Melbourne Pop Up Shop

Wowee it has been a crazy couple of weeks! Christmas is nearly here, and I have been head down, bum up working away on Christmas orders for the past week. So much so, that I haven't even had time for an update on my trip to Melbourne! So here's a quick update for those wandering about my spontaneous adventure to the big city of Melbourne! 

As you know, I have been collaborating quite a bit this year with Justene from Missy Noir. It is a real strength to find another business to work with, particularly for events, as we are both solo biz owners, and there really is only so much you can achieve yourself but you can achieve so much more in numbers! Collaborating on these events has allowed us to reach more people and achieve more, so it has really been a win-win situation! Justene was down in Melbourne for three weeks at the Chapel Lane Huts and invited me to join her, so I thought “Why the heck not?” and booked my flights to Melbourne. 

I have been to Melbourne before, about five or six years ago, so it was such a good opportunity to visit again and it reminded me why I fell in love with the city all those years ago. 

Justene and I were lucky enough to stay with My Lingerie Addiction, which was so lovely and so appreciated. On Thursday night, we stopped in to Flinders Street in the city to check out a little KissKill lingerie party - champagne included of course! It was so lovely to meet a bunch of lingerie bloggers that I had interacted with online, but never met in real life. In the lingerie community, a lot of bloggers have an “alter-ego” so at times I didn't realise who I was talking to until I checked on Instagram! The lingerie community in Melbourne is so friendly, so welcoming and made us feel totally at home.

Friday it was time to head to the store - heat wave or no heat wave! But seriously, even this Queenslander girl was struggling in the heat! I had a lovely time chatting to visitors, meeting other indie business owners. Did you see my Facebook live with Eco.Mono? Such an inspiring brand that supports ethical and sustainable fashion - a total must watch if this is something you are passionate about. We got to chat not  only about her amazing brands but also her journey towards sustainable and ethical fashion. 

handmade lingerie in melbourne by lazy girl lingerie

Of course, Friday Eve was our For The Love of Lingerie party - a true celebration of 2018! We danced the night away, with a DJ and dancer HoneyBea Fusion to add to the celebratory atmosphere. 

Saturday and Sunday were in the store as well, taking measurements for custom orders which is a service that I love to provide and such a good chance to get measured to get lingerie made to fit, just for you. 

melbourne lingerie store by lazy girl lingerie

Melbourne was so much fun, and I will definitely be back soon. It also had me reminiscing about my last trip to Melbourne and where I was at in my life at that time. Does anyone remember my Make Amend project? I was utterly obsessed with vintage and recreating sustainable pieces from recycled materials, so Melbourne felt like my natural habitat when I visited in 2013. Being surrounded by the creativity and troves of vintage stores rekindled my spark and got me seriously inspired! Watch this space to see what comes next! 

That’s all for now Lazy Girls! Have a beautiful Tuesday. 



Cass xx

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