Celebrating Pregnancy with a Maternity Photoshoot

Hearing from happy customers is truly the absolute best part of my day! You can imagine my squeal of delight when Alexandra’s pregnancy photoshoot dropped into my inbox. 


Glowing mum to be Alexandra wore the beautiful Ivy lace crop top for her maternity photoshoot and looked like an absolute goddess! She described the piece as the “perfect lace top for her maternity photos” and I have to say it was truly an honour to create it for her. 


It seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with my lovely Lazy Girl and chat about her pregnancy journey! Keep reading for all the details and some maternity shoot outfit inspiration too…

maternity photoshoot ideas

What has your pregnancy journey been like so far?

This is my second pregnancy and it is been much more exhausting carrying a baby while also chasing a toddler (just shy of two around), though I know I’ll miss these days in the future!

What have been the most memorable milestones for you?

The most memorable milestones this time have been different from with my first. When I was pregnant with my son I’d take photos every week and just spend all day thinking about having a child. This time it’s been so centred around my son! It was so fun finding out that he would have a sister and then getting to the point where he could visibly see the changes in my body was amazing! He has started trying to feed her his milk through my belly button and giving lots of belly kisses which I love.

Why did you choose to do a maternity photoshoot?

 I chose to do a maternity shoot for a couple of reasons. One big one was that we did one when I was pregnant with my son and got such gorgeous shots. We also loved our photographer, Melina Coogan (Wild and Bright Photography). She is based out of Asheville, NC which is where we call home and knows how to incorporate the mountains and nature so perfectly into the shots. I just felt like if we didn’t get some this time we would regret it.

What did you love about your Ivy lace crop?

The Ivy crop was the perfect choice for maternity photos! I knew I wanted to do some sort of floral skirt and crop top combo. I looked everywhere trying to find a top that would work. When I stumbled upon Lazy Girl Lingerie on Etsy it felt like fate! Cassandra was so amazing to work with. I was a little nervous because the top would have to be shipped from Australia to North Carolina, USA but it was truly more seem less than I could have hoped for! The top was extremely flattering and hit just above my pregnant belly! It added such a soft, feminine touch to the photos.

Any tips for a mum to be planning her pregnancy photoshoot?

  • It’s good to look around for inspiration but don’t hold too closely to those ideas because you are your own unique person.
  • Always choose things that feel the most natural and you! I promise, the more yourself you feel the more you will connect to the photos.
  • It’s fun to bring props or multiple options of clothes. For example, I found two skirts I loved, one that went over my belly and one that went under and it was really fun to play around and get a few different style photos. I also brought a fun little flower crown that I put on for a few photos. It never hurts to try different things that feel like you.
  • Don’t hesitate to give your photographer ideas for what photos you want but also trust them in the process because most of my favourite photos were not ones that I had planned.

maternity photoshoot outfit

A huge thank you to Alexandra for sharing her special pregnancy photoshoot and to Wild and Bright Photography for these incredible images. 


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