Body Positive Artists You Will Love to Follow

Something I did a while ago was get *super*  being conscious about what I am consuming online, especially via social media... Why? I'm careful to follow accounts that keep me inspired and leave me feeing positive about the skin I am in. We know all too well it is frighteningly easy to get caught in the endless scroll and compare your life and body to someone else's highlight reel. 

It sure does feel great to fill my feed with creatives who not only create incredible work, but are doing so much good in the world challenging so called “beauty” stereotypes and standards. They create awareness through their work and drive real change - exactly what we need to see more of. 

In this post,  I let you know my current fave body loving artists to keep my social media feed a happy and inspiring space to hang out. 


body positive artist linear bodies

Shop: Linear Bodies



self love artwork

Shop: Heidi Lou Design



sally hewett body positive artist

Shop: Sally Hewett



disability inclusive artists

Shop: GetStitchDoneDesigns

These artists are doing amazing things and I hope that you love what they create just as much as I do ✨Let me know in the comments which one of these artists is your absolute fave. Hard to pick I know ;) 

Love and lingerie,
Cass xx

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