A sweet review for the Halcyon lace crop top.

Hearing from happy customers is 100% the best part of my day! I love hearing from my Lazy Girls, and when I get a rave review I am most definitely smiling from ear to ear. It warms my heart to hear that my creation has delighted it’s new owner and made them feel something - after all, each lingerie creation is like a little lace masterpiece!

I just wanted to share this review from Federica, who purchased the Halcyon halter lace crop top for her wedding in Germany. You can also see the original post on Etsy here.

customer review bridal crop top

Halcyon has been a popular little crop top for special occasions! The high neck style is flattering on a variety of shapes and sizes - this is because it draws attention to the decolletage area, which is so flattering on the feminine form. It also is a great option for those with a small bust, or broader shoulders. (Kudos to Ciara Mia Photography for this beautiful image). 

high neck bridal crop top

Is this a style you would rock? Would you like to see it in any other variations? Let me know what you think, so I can keep making what you love best!

Cass xo

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