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A Guide to Buying Lingerie Your Girl WIll Love

Buying lingerie for your girl seems like a no brainer. But buying lingerie that your girl will love - that can be quite another story... With so much to consider like sizing and what style to get, you can end up feeling unsure about so much. Here are my tips from a few years in the business, helping people in just the same scenario as you. 

Sizing is important, so do a little research. Have a look in your girl’s lingerie drawer and check the sizing on the tags. Take note of bra size, panty size and also the brand of the pieces if it is there. This is all information that can help if you come to me unsure what size to buy for your girl. Another option is to get your lady’s measurements. How? She might have them already on standby, but I think honestly just saying you need them for a surprise lets you get the job done without spoiling the surprise! Try to grab bust, under bust, waist and hip measurements when doing so. 

Equally as important when picking lingerie is styling. Again, look to her lingerie drawer for what she like. Do you see a lots of sets with suspenders? Bodysuits? Chemises and robes? This gives you a great idea of what she feels comfortable and sexy in, plus a great idea on colour.

I’ve put together a couple of ideas for gifts, again from my experience with people who have come to me buying lingerie as a gift for their girl. 

First up, the Willa Bodysuit. Such a striking colour, and not so typically red or pink as you can find is so popular at Valentine’s Day. This design is so flexible in fit as well, with the lace up back so a good option if you are not sure on exact sizing. A bodysuit is a good option too if you know your partner feels more comfortable with a one piece type design. 

sexy lingerie for valentine's day

A true classic, the Isla Set is so flattering on so many different body shapes. The off the shoulder top really highlights your décolletage and the lace briefs have a lace up back which makes the booty look pretty darn cute!

blake lingerie set for valentine's day

Blake is also really popular as a gift. She has a slight vintage vibe for that vintage vixen kind of feel, not to mention the flattering cut of the briefs. Hello high leg! 

It’s always good to keep in mind that as long as you have done a little digging around, the basic sizing should always be fine as I work with stretch materials that are soft and comfortable with alot of stretch that allows for flexible sizing. Always feel free to get in touch if you are feeling unsure, and remember that the thoughtfulness of the gesture will shine through. A little handwritten note and your girl’s favourite wine doesn’t go astray either!

Let me know what your experience has been like buying lingerie for your girl - has it been difficult? A piece of cake? Let me know in the comments anything you struggle with in particular. 


Cass xx

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