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8 Affirmations for Body Love & Acceptance

quotes to make you love your body

If your thoughts create your reality, then how does you inner self talk measure up?

The human mind is a powerful thing, and with a little intentionality, you free yourself from negative self talk that could be causing you damage. 

Affirmations work by focusing on a new thought and by prioritising this in your life, you will find yourself showing up in your life to make it come true. It works both ways - if you think negative thoughts about your body, you will create negative feelings and if you think positive thoughts, you will create a positive mindset for yourself. 

If unapologetic self love sounds like exactly what you need (or heck even just starting with self ACCEPTANCE is a great place to start), read on for some affirmations and mantras to get you started. 

 body confidence mantras and affirmations

Body Positivity Affirmations:

I am at home in my body. 
I release my insecurities and grow more comfortable in my own skin. 
I am worthy. 
My body deserves love and respect. 
I choose to be kind to my body. 
I choose to see the devine perfection in every cell of my body
I accept myself as I am. 
I am unapologetically myself.


If these sound like the kind of daily reminders you could use, I challenge you to create a daily affirmations practice to help you embody these new positive mantras. Set aside time each morning and say these affirmations out loud. In front of the mirror is a great place to start, or if you feel uncomfortable at first, in your head is okay too. Take some deep breaths before you begin and relish in this new daily practice that will literally transform how you think and feel about yourself. 


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