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7 Unexpected Boudoir Locations

Your boudoir photoshoot should be an experience uniquely your own, and that includes your location! Here’s my top recommendation for out of the box boudoir photography location ideas. 


You, Me & The Sea

underwater boudoir photoshoot

If the the thought of lingerie at the beach makes you raise your eyebrows, hear me out… Dreamy pastel skies and the unique opportunity for underwater shots might help your broaden your horizons! Tip: visit the beach you are considering using to scout the location and pick a time and spot that is a little more private, so you don’t feel self conscious around crowds.

Photography: Salted Lace for Missy Noir


Home Sweet Home 

boudoir photoshoot at home

Home is not only where your heart is, but likely where you feel most comfortable. Some of my favourite shoots ever have taken place in my humble abode! Do some investigating around home for the best spot with natural light, perhaps a room with a beautiful bright window! Bonus points for including your pooch like Jasmine did. They love to be part of the fun!

Photography: Georgie Heather


The Great Outdoors

unique boudoir location ideas


If you are a outdoorsy kinda gal, this might suit you vibe WAY more than a boujee hotel suite, any day! This shoot certainly felt very festival inspired, and allowed for styling with outerwear which is an opportunity to really show your personality. Tip - Don’t be afraid to wear boots. This not only looks funky but keeps your feet protected! 

Photography: Jade Behrens 


Angel Energy 

outdoor boudoir photo ideas

Favourite. Photoshoot. Ever. Channel your inner Victoria’s Secret model, don those wings and take over your local industrial area! The juxtaposition of lace lingerie and a grungy location, not to mention those TO DIE FOR angel wings is absolute heaven. 

Photography: James M Geer


All Aboard! 

boudoir photo session inspiration

Your most glamorous trip to sea yet. Lingerie and Literature came up with this incredible photoshoot for our exclusive collection in 2019. I hope it give you some inspiration for a unique boudoir location! The fur coats are a nice touch for the glam aesthetic! 

Photography: Hillary Jeanne for Lingerie and Literature


Natural Beauty

bohemian boudoir session

A rainforest is the perfect location for a moody style boudoir photoshoot, with the added bonus of lots of privacy. Find your serenity in the peaceful surroundings. 

Photography: Jak Nicholls


Today Was a Fairytale 

fairytale inspired boudoir shoot

Set in the forest (or enchanted woods as I like to call it) you can channel your childhood dreams in a fairytale inspired boudoir photoshoot! Romantic styling goes a long way - think blush tones, tiaras, and vintage style furniture to feel like the ultimate damsel. 
Photography: Melina Hollway

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