10 Ways We Can Support Other Women

10 ways we can support other women

Women empowering other women is truly one of the most uplifting things to see. Here’s some inspiration to keep the #girlpower vibes going strong... 

  • Share your story 
  • Women sharing stories of experience in  all aspects of life is so valuable, as we learn from each other and inspire others in the process. Sometimes just hearing that someone else is going through can help you grow through it too.  

  • Be open and honest
  • My mum always says “honesty is the best policy” and it rings true for me to this day. Being open and honest can feel vulnerable, yet sometimes it is this shared experience that draws women together and uplifts them. We live in a society where we just our own happiness against the “highlight reels” of other peoples, which can be challenging. Knowing that other people struggle too helps to put things into perspective.  

  • Invite them to the party
  • Whether it’s a social invite to Friday night drinks to the new girl at work, or inviting them along to your networking event, you never know how much someone might appreciate the invitation! 

  •  Celebrate their victories
  • A simple  word of encouragement and celebration can mean the world for a gal to know she is not in this alone!  

  • Lean back and listen
  • They say true wisdom is listening more than you speak, and often a listening ear is just what we seek in a time of need.  

  • Start a movement
  • Support systems are key! If you can’t find the kind of tribe you want to be part of, create one! You never know what will become of it… 

  • Connect them with others 
  • Sharing contacts not only makes for meaningful connections, but also shared social circles. And who doesn’t like more friends?! 

  • Meet up for coffee
  • Our schedules are jam-packed these days, but carving out “white space” to enjoy life is important too.  

  • Ask how you can help
  • A little goes a long way when it comes to assistance!  

  • Check in how they are doing
  • You never know what someone is going though, and as I said before, often a listening ear is the greatest support we need plus knowing that we are not alone.  

    What is your favourite item from this list to support other women? Let me know in the comments… 


    Cass xx


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