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Why I Started Making Lingerie.

Today is a bit of a personal story, about my journey into the world of making lingerie. I often get asked this question about why I settled into the niche of lingerie with my business, and maybe it is something you have wandered too. I hope this shares a little insight with you…

Although I have always loved lingerie it is not something I always felt comfortable to share or had the courage to do so! I have always had an affinity for pretty knickers, something that you slip on for yourself and literally no one else in the world would know but they just felt so amazing on your body.

I followed a couple of amazing lingerie brands on Instagram ( these were the early days, Valencia filters and all!) but never had the body confidence to feel I could rock them. Sizing was difficult too, because I have a short waist, and I am small but curvy, so whenever I did try on lingerie I was left feeling anything but sexy… I had a few pieces that I owned and love but it really wasn’t until I hit college and made some lingerie especially to my size in one of my classes that the game changed for me. I literally felt it all fall into place. I remember thinking “Imagine making pieces for women of all sizes to feel like I do in this piece” and I guess that’s where the foundations of Lazy Girl were born!

I was passionate about inclusive sizing, wanting to make a positive impact on standards of “beauty” in the industry. My body shape has never really fit into “standard’ size clothes from retail stores and I think that is what led me to revamping vintage styles and making clothes in the beginning as well - they actually fit and flattered!

It’s amazing the journey that life takes you on, and where your story takes you. Has life taken any unexpected paths for you?


Cass xx

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