What’s not to love about beautiful Tasmania

A bit of a personal post this week, as I share some snaps from my little adventure to Tasmania. I spent the last week travelling around with my partner in crime, soaking up the history and incredible sights of Tassie. 

hobart tasmania

We decided to hire a campervan for the trip, and I could not recommend it more! It is super handy to have all of your belongings ready to go, and Tasmania is set up really well in terms of tourist parks with facilities, so I never felt I was going without my creature comforts.

If you're a bit of a nervous driver, I feel you! But I can attest that even for me it was a dream to drive. My partner ended up getting a bit sick so I did the majority of the driving, and it really was no problem at all. Everyone on the roads is really considerate as well which was amazing and certainly helped me to feel at ease. 

When hiring a campervan, I would recommend making sure you go with the top insurance option, so you don't get stung with large excess fees as accidents can happen and better to be safe than sorry. Also check out the reviews of the company online, I felt so safe with Crusin that if anything went wrong I can contact them and would receive the help I needed. Consider the size you need -  for just the two of us, we really only needed a small van, I went a bit OTT with the size. Fuel is really economical, everything is only a few hours away in Tasmania and we only ended up filling up twice which was super reasonable. 

botanical gardens hobart

I admired the pride that the area takes in their natural wonders, some of my favourites being the Botanical Gardens (a plant lovers dreams!), Safety Cove, Devil’s Kitchen, and even just taking in the wide open spaces between sites. Arriving at the beach on Safety Cove in Port Arthur was like a magical dream - the water just glistened and the cool breeze made soaking up the sunshine even more enjoyable. I love that Tasmania feels so undiscovered. 

safety cove beach port arthur

safety cove beach tasman peninsular

There is just so much history to learn about Tassie, with lots of historical sites relating to convict history and goals from the 1800’s. Old Hobart Town in the historic town of Richmond is awesome - the cutest replica of Hobart as it was in the 1800’s, and you actually get to meet the man who built the site himself which is really cool. 

old hobart town richmond tasmania

richmond historical town tasmania

If you can’t tell from my Instagram posts already, MONA (Museam of Old and New Art) was incredible and hands down the highlight of my trip. Even my not-so-art-obsessed partner thought it was amazing! The museum presents art in a way that is a whole other dimension. One of my friends described entering MONA like going into Batman’s cave, and boy is she right!

My favourite exhibition featured the mummy of an Egyptian pharaoh. It had total Stranger Things vibes, picture the dark screen when Eleven is connecting with people. You walk into a room of total darkness, with a narrow path amongst pools of dripping water. The mummy is illuminated in the centre, complete with a MRI on the opposing side to show the insides of the tomb over 2500 years old. So insane, so eerie yet one of the most amazing experiences in my lifetime. MONA is like nothing I have ever seen before, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

mona art gallery

MONA hobart tasmania

So that’s a few of my highlights from my little trip. Of course, I wish I had more time to see everything I missed but that just gives me all the more reason to go back a second time. I loved that this trip I got to discover a bit of my own country, because as much as every country I have visited blows my mind, it feels special to get to know what is in my own backyard. 

Have you been to Tasmania? What were your favourite destinations? I would love to hear what you think of this beautiful little island! 

Love and Lingerie, 

Cass xx

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