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The Fashion Revolution: I Made Your Clothes

This week is Fashion Revolution Week, the biggest fashion movement in the world! The fashion industry is reconnecting how and where are clothes are made, and companies of all shapes and sizes are sharing stories of impact and the behind the scenes faces. Seemed like a fitting time to give a little update on LGL.

the fashion revolution ethically made lingerie

Who makes your Lazy Girl Lingerie? Just little old me, Cassandra Pons lover of all things lacey and lovely. Ethically made clothing is at the core of my brand and something that I am so passionate about. It is the reason I make each order by hand, putting love into each and every stitch. Sure, my choice to stay small and ethical may limit my ability to grow, however I am happy having a humble and heartfelt business for now. I may outsource work in the future, however my commitment is to staying ethical. You have my word!

How do I make your lingerie? One by one is the answer. As each order comes in online, I select from my beautiful stretch laces, cut each order according to your size requirements, and sew them up on my (ever growing!) collection of machines. I work from home, and what started out as a tiny corner of a study room has now expanded to two rooms in my house. I love working from home - hello lunch time naps! Plus it also gives me a low overheads, flexibility in my lifestyle and saying goodbye to a work commute. Lazy Girl operates as a made-to-order business, which eliminates excess stock which is a common issue in the fashion industry. This war on waste had also extended to my work processes - recycling fabric scraps and when designing products putting care and thought into making maximum use out of a fabric. 

Have you heard of Fashion Revolution? What transparency would you like to see from the industry? 


Cass xx

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