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sustainable low-waste lingerie brand

Sustainability is high on my radar this year, with a goal to really improve on my impact on the environment as a brand. I already work with a low waste philosophy, and I hope to build on this by working with limited edition materials.

There’s something so thrilling about trawling through an op-shop and stumbling across a unique find. My partner and I have been hitting up the op-shops lately, since we have relocated to a small country town and there is an abundance of them where we are. It’s kind of insane how much waste as a society we can produce! We are so quick to over consume, which leads to more items being discarded and ending up as waste. What an opportunity though to make a change and bring new life to old things.

I picked up this printed cotton with an ultra cute 70’s style floral pattern that I can totally see being made into some cute pjs! Not to mentions these glam buttons - I can imagine something super elegant with these beauties for sure.

Do you enjoy picking up treasures at op shops? What’s been your best find so far?


Cass xx

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