Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together.

As much as I love being a solopreneur, there are a few lovely ladies who contribute to my business and play such an integral role that I am so grateful for. In the spirit of Fashion Revolution Week sharing insights into the behind the scenes of Lazy Girl, time for an introduction... 

kirsten hough gold coast photographer

Kirsten Hough - Photographer

Kirsten and I go way back, and when I say that I mean she was one of the first people I met when I moved to the Gold Coast! We worked together at a cafe when I was studying at college and Kirsten had moved over from New Zealand after studying photography, and we used to joke that once I had my fashion label up and running we would do a shoot together. Look at us now! She is quite simply a mastermind, and running an online business just isn’t possible without great photos. Kirsten takes all my product shots, works her magic at editing them - adjusting lighting but NEVER photoshopping as we all know how passionate I am about celebrating our bodies! She delivers them back to me into Dropbox and then you’ll see them up online. I couldn’t be more grateful for an easy going, talented photographer to work with, plus she takes me seriously even though I am in my underwear so you can’t complain with that! 

missy noir melbourne ethical lingerie brand

Justene Sharp-Jones - Missy Noir

Justene and I have worked closely together for a little while now since she launched Missy Noir in 2017. Missy Noir represents a range of ethical lingerie designers from around the globe, and I am so so lucky to be one of them. She is the gal you have seen me working on pop-up shops and events on, and it is so true that together you can achieve more. While we run out businesses entirely separately, these collaborations have helped us to both grow, connect with women, and contribute to charities, that alone probably would not be possible as solo run businesses. We also designed and made an exclusive collection together last year, and these kind of opportunities are so special to me, so thank you Justene for all that you have helped myself and my LGL business with! Justene and I always joke how POLAR opposite we are - she likes going out, I like staying home. I love dancing, and she prefers to mingle and chat. It’s so funny because we always find new things about each other that reinforces this. Maybe that’s what makes us a good team? Makes life more interesting anyway and opens each other up to new ways of thinking! 

lingerie and literature founder kiana noble

Kiana Noble - Lingerie and Literature

More recently, you might have seen that I collaborated with Lingerie and Literature on an exclusive collection. Again, this opportunity is truly so valuable to my label and such a special experience for me - kind of crazy to think of my designs living out there in San Francisco, California. I remember cleaning up my Instagram feed and seeing a comment from Kiana way back in 2016 when I had just started my brand - she really has seen my work from the beginning, so it was really special to work together on these pieces. Plus we recently discovered post designing the collection that we are both 24! 

Last but not least, I have to mention my friends, family and partner for all their support in what I do. They know who they are!  An encouraging chat in moments of self doubt, someone to celebrate the successes with and someone to wipe the tears during my meltdowns (keeping it real, I am a pretty dramatic human) - these are all things that help me to do what I do. 


Cass xx

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