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Sneak Peek: New 'Femme' Collection

bamboo cotton lingerie by lazy girl lingerie

Dreaming up new designs for my Lazy Girls is definitely one of my favourite parts of the job! Greater diversity is always high on my agenda, and I have been thinking long and hard how I can create pieces that help more women celebrate their bodies. 

Women of all shapes and sizes can seek comfort from their lingerie, craving divinely soft fabrics that fit like a second skin to their bodies. The new Femme collection is crafted from ultra soft, cotton bamboo jersey, a fabric chosen for its breathable nature. It delivers supreme comfort, plus bamboo is a more sustainable choice for the environment. The fabric sourced for this collection is grown organically without any nasty pesticides or chemicals. Incredibly, bamboo is a plant that requires only rainwater to grow, so water can be recycled and reused during production of the textile. 

Another factor I wanted to consider with these pieces is the various life stages of women for honouring and nurturing their bodies. The Femme bra has been designed with a internal pocket, which means that nursing mums can slip their breastfeeding milk pads inside and The soft nature of the design means it is wearable for tender skin, with stretch in the fabric to allow for it to be easily pulled down. Also, those with a breast prosthesis after a mastectomy can choose to slip the prosthesis inside the internal pocket if they wish. I wanted to create this piece as one that could fit the needs of various women.  I really want to offer diversity for all women to feel sexy and confident in their own skin. What do you think about the new design? Would you like to see more of this kind of specialised lingerie? Let me know in the comments, or DM on Instagram. I’d love to hear your feedback! 


Cass xx

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