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My Story - Cass, Founder of Lazy Girl Lingerie

In the summer of 2014, I arrived in the Gold Coast, fresh on nineteen with my entire life packed up in my tiny little car. I had left home (North Queensland) for the first time to “follow my dreams” with my heart firmly set on studying fashion design in the Gold Coast. 

my first day at fashion college

I had my fair share of fun, living the student life in a share house with my bestie from college who took me under her wing when I needed it most. We lived and breathed all things fashion by day, and lived the college student life by night - lots of late nights sipping on cocktails and dancing the night away. It was at this time that my self confidence was at an all time low. While I was “happy” on the outside, I was struggling on the inside with a lifetime of negative thoughts towards myself and my body.  

I had always loved the look of lingerie and followed a few accounts on Instagram that I adored ( 2014 Valencia filters and all!) but I honestly really lacked the confidence to wear them. They were beautiful garments but felt like I was squeezing into something that wasn't “me”. I wanted something that was soft and comfortable and feminine that celebrated my curves, not worked against them. I was passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion, desperately wanting to see a shift in the industry towards these values and a little fed up with the notion that lingerie was something only worn for somebody's else's benefit.

lingerie designs at fashion college

It wasn’t until we studied a lingerie and swimwear unit in college that I had my lightbulb moment.  I created my first lingerie set, tailored to fit my unique measurements and it made me feel so special having something so delicate and beautiful that fit me so intimately and worked with my curves and not against them. It was sexy and yet so “me” and I thought if this set had the power to make me feel like this, surely this was something I could share with others. And that’s how it all began!

Starting a business didnt’t come without it’s own set of challenges, mine primarily being the balance between working full-time to pay the bills after I graduated, and then spending the rest of my nights after work coming home to do all things Lazy Girl Lingerie. The hardest part for me was overcoming my self doubt. I was unsure if a handmade business could offer me the stability  I needed, so I kept my day job in the fashion industry while I built my business. This experience was invaluable learning from an amazing team of talented professionals in one of Australia’s top design houses, gaining industry experience in pattern making, sewing, quality control and garment fitting techniques along the way. 
lingerie fashion show runway

My dream was to “quit my day job” and I had a little sign up on my wall in my sewing room to remind myself. It took me a few years to get there, but the journey was worth it every step of the way. It was in those early years of business I learnt to be a business woman, navigate the online world of websites, social media and everything in between.

I reached a real turning point for me in business when I actually popped my head up from the day to day hustle, and realised just how far I had come. In a few short years I had a thriving Etsy shop, a website I was truly proud of, a handful of international boutique stockists, pop-up events across Australia and multiple exclusive collections under my belt. When I stopped to celebrate these wins, I felt a real sense of pride knowing I had touched the lives of women all over the globe and helped them to feel sexy and confident in their own skin, and that is a truly heart-warming feeling. Any time I am feeling down or in a moment of self doubt, I remember this and it inspires me to keep going. 

pop up shop brisbane lazy girl lingerie

It’s funny because 2020 marks four years of Lazy Girl Lingerie, and I feel that I have grown so much over this time, yet in many ways am still exactly the same - just girl who loves lingerie who’s on a mission to share it with other women, so they can feel incredible about themselves too. I count myself lucky to spend my days creating pretty things for women to celebrate their bodies in, from my beautiful little studio in the Scenic Rim, Queensland. 

indie lingerie maker

I hope this post gives a little bit of insight into what makes LGL what it is today, and inspires other women to be all that they wish to be. I certainly don’t think I was the most talented in my class at college, or the most experienced in my professional field, but with perseverance, persistence and unwavering self belief you really can reach those dreams you are shooting for. 

Love and Lingerie, 

Cass xx

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