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What I Do? 

I don't just make lingerie, I create wearable works of art, to adorn your body with effortless confidence. I make a gift to yourself, because we all deserve to treat ourselves. I make a gift to your lover, after all... what is sexier than a woman oozing with confidence, comfortable in her own skin? I specialise in custom made lingerie, for women of all shapes and sizes, that is easy to wear and makes you feel incredible. From my hands, to yours, with love.  

Why Do I Do it? 

Lazy Girl Lingerie began with a mission to change the way women feel about themselves. A commitment to loving ourselves and celebrating all that makes us unique. Lazy Girl Lingerie is for the raw and effortlessly sexy woman, not limited by age, size or shape, but passionate and above always, true to herself.  

Lazy Girl represents so much more than just lingerie, it is a growing community of women banding together and triumphing over the issues they face. Lazy Girls are women of substance, who refuse to be bound by what society dictates. 

Passion is a huge part of who I am as a person, and why I do what I do. I obsess over making a positive impact in the fashion industry, not only through the positive message I share for women, but also through my commitment to ethical handmade manufacturing and continuously striving for improved sustainability in my brand.

Creativity is another top value in my life, and in my work. I view a person's creativity as truly an expression of themselves, a way to communicate their unique way of viewing the world. I highly value the freedom running my label gives me, working towards a full-time lifestyle of working from home in my studio, waking up each day to create beautiful masterpieces in the form of lingerie for women to feel incredible in. Every purchase brings me one step closer to making this dream a reality.  

Who Am I?  

Creativity is in my blood, with a life long love affinity for fashion and design set into my heart from the moment my grandmother taught me to sew on her old Singer treddle machine. I have spent the majority of my young life tirelessly honing my craft, leaving my rural hometown to attend design school in the city and make my dreams a reality. I have worked for some of Australia’s most esteemed fashion houses and gained industry experience across the board in the areas of sewing, pattern making, quality control and fitting, before launching my love child ‘Lazy Girl Lingerie’ in 2016. A true project of the heart, my mission is to inspire women through my label to be all that they want to be and more. It’s true, with the right pair of knickers, a woman can change the world! 

I am the soleprenuer behind all things Lazy Girl Lingerie - I design, pattern make, sew, quality check, pack and ship absolutely everything myself. I also answer all the emails, run my website and social media accounts and (occasionally) attend handmade markets. 

When I'm not working, I'm a true lazy girl and love being at home. You'll usually find me tucked up in my pyjamas, hanging out with my puppies, or if I go out, I love good food and sipping on good wine! I'm a simple gal! 

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