Meditation for the Anxious Mind


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Okay, I’ll admit, I was skeptical about meditation. The very word made me feel uncomfortable, yet alone all the “woo-woo” feelings I thought were associated with it. The truth is, I didn’t know what everyone was raving about. Until, I found myself feeling sincredibly anxious and not sure what to do about it.  The thought of meditation popped in my head and I thought "What have I go to lose?" 

Anxiety is something that has crept up in my life. I cant quite remember when the tight feeling in my chest started, the racing thoughts before bed, the days that I felt I literally couldn’t pull the bed covers back and face the world. I don't always feel like this - most of my days I am a happy gal but when I have my down days, it feels difficult to find my way out of them. I used to feel embarrassed and ashamed by how I was feeling, but I found by sharing my struggles I found others who were experiencing the same thing and that feels comforting. I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and my mental health, which is what spurred me to give meditation a go.  

I chose to do my mediation in a warm bath, and lit a candle for ultimate relaxation. You can meditate anywhere, but I think the key is somewhere quiet and peaceful –  try your bedroom with the door closed, or even a quiet spot in a park or on the beach. A quick Youtube search brings up millions of options, and I settled on “Guided Mediation for Anxiety”. For any one who has never meditated, the program basically consisted of a voice walking you through a breathing sequence and ‘guiding’ you to relaxing certain parts of your body and your thoughts too.

I initially found this SO HARD especially to calm my mind. I had the overwhelming urge to jump up and do random things, which is probably why I needed to try this so badly!! After a few minutes, I settled down and found the whole process so deeply relaxing. After the mediation finished, I felt a sense of calm in my mind and body that I don’t  think I have ever experienced. I felt peaceful, and that was really precious to me. I think in our busy lives with so much constantly stimulating our minds it in increasingly difficult to ‘switch off’ and mediation really helped me to do this.  

What do you think about meditation – would you ever give it a go? 

If you have, how did it impact your body and mind? 

I’d love to hear your experiences with mediation! Pop your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot me an email at  


Cass xx 

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