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Makeup Free Confidence

Let’s talk makeup. I love make up, and I'm sure there will be quite a few Lazy Girls reading this that do as well. It’s pretty, its fun and I really enjoy doing my makeup before a night out to feel glamorous and that bit special. I do, however notice a real link between makeup and my self confidence. How about you –have you ever felt wearing makeup or NOT wearing makeup affect your self confidence 

I uploaded some photos to social media recently, which showed a comparison of a photo of me from a photo shoot and a raw shot of me. I choose not to have my photos retouched and photo-shopped as I believe it sets unrealistic standards for women, but we certainly do lighten up the images and do our best to make them visually appealing. I want to show off my designs in their best light, after all! I contrasted it against a “real life” photo of me, that accurately depicts how I look day to day. I am usually sewing away in my studio. I try not to wear makeup as it lets me skin breathe, which it needs to do as I do not have perfect skin. I recently went off contraception and my skin went haywire (that’s a whole different story!). 

body confidence body positive lazy girl lingerie

I just wanted to share this story as I don’t think wearing makeup is bad, I love it too, but I do think it is unhealthy to constantly be looking at professional images with correct lighting, poses, makeup etc and making the comparison to ourselves. This quote sums it up so perfectly.  

makeup free confidence body image

This post is a little reminder to us all, to love ourselves on our good days, and our bad days. Makeup done, or makeup free.  

I would love to know what makeup is like for you. Do you enjoy wearing it, or is it a pain in the ass? Do you feel ‘naked’ without it, would you go into public without it? Let me know in the comments, or send me a message on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you! 


Lots of love, 

Cass xx  

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