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Life before Lazy Girl.

Isn’t it funny when you think about all the life experiences that make up the person you are today? Today’s post is a bit of a sentimental one, and long overdue… it’s all about life before Lazy Girl. 

Some of you might know that before Lazy Girl, I grew up in Townsville, North Queensland. Art, fashion and design has always been my thing, and when I graduated high school fashion was definitely becoming the area I wanted to focus on. My final piece for my Art classes was a fashion collection where I created a collection of reworked vintage dresses and photographed the pieces myself an old, rundown building in the city centre. I called the project Make Amend because it was my little version of making and mending, bringing new life to old pieces.

make amend designs by cassandra pons

upcycled vintage dresses by make amend 

This project kind of spurred me on to keep creating, and I actually made a whole label out of recreating vintage clothing into new designs! I know, so different to lingerie and a very different kind of style. I actually went through a period of feeling embarrassed about my old brand, kind of like the feeling you get looking at photos of an old hair cut! Now quite a few years have passed and I have a different attitude towards it all. I am proud of myself at 17 just waking up and deciding to start a fashion label one day and some really exciting things happened from there. 

I had been interning for a local designer Katleyn Aslett in Townsville who specialised in felt work, and she had a beautiful store that I loved visiting to help her in any way that I could. An opportunity came up for me to join the store along with a group of other local makers, and you could only imagine how excited this made me as someone who had just left school! I had a lot of ideas, not a clue how to go about it all, but I made it all happen somehow. When I launched in store I threw a tea party to celebrate, complete with cake, tea, a fashion show and some live music by one of my friends. Our store was really unique because we also worked in store so it was like a retail/studio space and people really loved seeing the handmade element in real life! One of my friends told me about this website Etsy where you could buy handmade things, so I listed my quirky designs up on there and actually secured a stockist in Japan, which was just so surreal to me. 

cassandra pons make amend

I always remember telling my mum that I wanted to have a shop when I was a little girl, so it was so exciting to see that come to life in my little hometown and to get to do it with such an inspiring bunch of talented women.

So that’s enough of my life story for today! I just wanted to share some memories of some of the experiences that have made me the person I am today and my brand what it is as well. I think if you have a dream, make it happen and I hope this might inspire anyone reading to do the same. 



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