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I am enough and so are you.

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling though social media, stumbling across a picture of another woman and instantly compared yourself to them? Thinking "Ugh, I wish I was..." (insert negative thought about your own body). This scenario is all too common, and it can really have a negative effect on our mindset. I am 100% guilty of this too!

I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and it really hit me hard... 

self love and body positivity

I think it is well and truly time that we started doing this! Self love isn't vanity, it's sanity.  

I've noticed a real shift in the online world in the past few years – I think there are so many positive role models out there for women, and I am so passionate about sharing stories of women and create a community of women who celebrate themselves and lift eachother up. One such woman who is truly making waves and sharing light and positivity is freelance model and brand ambassador Madeline May.  

I had the absolute pleasure to talk to Madeline about why body positivity is so important to her. Read on to learn about her journey, and learn her top tips for feeling sexy and confident in your own skin.  

body positivity and self love madeline may


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?  

Happy, wholesome, passionate.   


Why is body positivity so important to you?  

Body positivity is so important to me because I’ve been that teenage girl who was too consumed by fear of judgement of others that I didn’t want to work out, play sports, wear certain clothing, eat in public or go to events. I missed out on experiences or held because I didn’t want to be in my bikini in front of other people or lacked self confidence and love. One day I decided that I wasn’t going to wait until I was deemed society’s standard of beauty and I would never miss out on living my life to the fullest because of other people’s perspective of me or my body and everything changed for me. I now possess a confidence and self love that I want to inspire in others.  


What has your journey in self love been like so far?  

My journey started around the age of 18 and I’ve never looked back, as soon as I decided I never wanted to miss out on living my best life my perspective changed. Of course I still have my bad days, I’m only human after all but I constantly remind myself that I am enough. I make sure I fuel my body with healthy food and work out regularly and love myself. What does your future entail for you? I hope my future sends me down a path where I am able to reach men and women about self love and body positivity. At the moment I am a freelance model and brand ambassador. I am hoping through modelling I can inspire others. I’m also currently studying and hoping to one day be a psychologist and have a program dedicated to body positivity.   


Your top tips for women struggling with self confidence?  

  • Love yourself. You are enough.  
  • Live the best life you possibly can. Don’t ever let body shaming or feeling uncomfortable stop you from living.  
  • Be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself and loving your body will follow naturally.  
  • Unfollow all social media accounts that don’t make you happy about your body or appearance.  
  • Eat nutritionally and exercise. Don’t exercise to punish your body because you feel guilty or unattractive. Exercise because you love your body.  
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Just because you see beauty in some one else, do not devalue yourself.  
  • If you’re not happy change it, work hard. Don’t change to conform to a beauty standard, change for your own health, spiritual and mental well being. 


Who inspires you?

Number one inspiration to me is of course my mum. She’s a super mum like all mums, and I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She has always supported me no matter what I do and never pushed me to succeed but rather be and love myself, do what makes me happy and do the best I can.  


I hope you enjoyed this blog post with my special guest Madeline! I'd love for you to join in on the discussion of why body positivity is so important. Comment your answer below, or on Instagram or even feel free to shoot me an email at hello@lazygirllingerie.com - I would LOVE to hear from you. 


Cass xx 

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