Have you noticed the switch? I’m on a mission to prove that sustainability doesn’t = boring and beige...

Sustainable lingerie doesn't have to be boring and beige... In fact, you know what IS sexy? Giving a sh*t about the environment AND feeling effortlessly sexy  and confident while you're at it. 

You might have noticed me sharing some info on my sustainability ethos, and mission to minimise my brand’s impact on the environment. Here’s some of the changes I’ve been implementing in business with this ethos front of mind.  

Limited Edition Fabric and Styles

 I aspire to make positive change in the fashion industry by continually working towards using sustainable materials in my designs, from utilising deadstock fabrics and breathing new life into limited edition vintage fabrics to combat the war on waste and make a change for good in the fashion industry, educating consumers on the ethical and environmental footprint of their purchases. 

Sustainable lingerie top by lazy girl lingerie

Limited Edition "Tilly" Peplum Crop 

And what about the new fabrics used in my designs, you may ask? I strive to source my materials locally within Australia where I can, to minimise unnecessary shipping and support my local economy. I have also searched far and wide for a lace supplier that works in small  MOQ’S (minimum order quantity) which eliminates excess unused fabric stock, which could potentially end up as waste. I am so grateful to have this business work with me, and as I grow, I hope to help their business grow as well.  

Asking Questions and Seeking Answers

In my time working in various aspects of the fashion industry, witnessed first hand so much waste, and this has highlighted the need for me to look at my own work practices to make sure they align with my vision and strive for continual improvement. It often requires alot of self analysis, asking questions like  “If I am introducing new fabrics, can I make use of this fabric in many ranges? Will be trend driven and last a season or classic and last decades? How can I perform a fabric lay to minimize waste and maximise usage? And, where is my waste going - can it be gifted to charities to repurpose into something else?” 

lace handcuffs by lazy girl lingerie

Thinking about these elements is what drove me to design these little lace handcuffs. A cute accessory, that also ensures that the use of my fabric is maximised and not wasted, making use of the fabrics I have in stock and making sure that I am using every little last bit which is possible! Who knew analysing work practices could have such a sexy little end result ;)   

Made to Order Philosophy

My ‘made to order’ philosophy means there is less waste in my business, as each and every piece is handmade especially for the woman who has purchased it. It means that I eliminate excess stock that could potentially end up as waste, as is common in the fashion industry with end of season stock usually ending up as landfill. Plus, loved clothes last, and when you are mindful about your purchases, actively involved in the creation process and understand everything that goes into creating them, you are more likely to treasure your purchase for it’s garment lifetime.

sustainable packaging by lazy girl lingerie

I also love that all my orders are packaged in a little lace pouch, created from upcycled vintage lace curtains. I think it’s special as well, because when you untie the satin ribbon on your order to see what I have created for you, it sparks joy because you really are getting something that is unique and only a few in the world will exist, ever. 

These are just some of the ways I have been working hard to change the way things are done in my little corner of the world.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this issue, as I feel that by having discussions is such a powerful way to raise awareness and implement change.

Love and Lingerie, 

Cass xx

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