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Girls Get Periods, Period.

Getting your period might not be the highlight of your month, but it sure as heck is an important part of knowing your body is healthy as a woman. I’m pretty passionate about this topic, as I know first hand  there was a time in my life where I wasn’t healthy enough for my body to sustain a period and it was a reflection of a really hard time for my body.

I discovered a podcast this week by Monica Yates “Feminine as Fuck” and I am really quite obsessed! I love the conversations that people don’t want to have or feel that we shouldn’t. I feel there should be soooo much more awareness and education for women of all ages on their bodies, and Monica is doing a fab job on this. She talks about periods, vaginas, and getting in touch with your feminine power and it’s honestly amazing. I’d recommend this podcast for women passionate about their health who are interested in getting in tune with their bodies and spiritual side.

Are podcasts your thing? Do you have any that you recommend? Let me know in the comments - share the love and inspiration!



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