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Building a stall set up for Etsy Made Local Brisbane.

Hand sewing lingerie every day of the week is one thing, but building a stall set up for my Etsy Made Local market as a whole new set of skills for me!

lingerie stall set up for etsy made local brisbane

I thought you might like a little dose of inspiration for what is possible when you set your mind to it. My whole stall set up for the Etsy Made Local market in Brisbane was made entirely from my own two hands, using locally sourced and recycled materials.

My change room frame, backing frame and garment racks were made from red cedar that I purchased from my local sawmill. I got to go directly inside the local business, explain my vision and they were kind enough to work with me to make my reality happen. It was rewarding knowing that my purchase was going directly to their business as well, instead of a large chain store. Who knew a gal could get so many splinters from one little projects? Haha.

The change room and backboard curtains are upcycled from old curtains from an op shop, and lined with sheets that would have otherwise been discarded as waste. My rug was purchased second hand, and the glass and metal table has also been upcycled - this little lady was left behind from her last owner so I gave her a touch of paint in gold to get her looking spic and span. I love bringing new life to old things, and I think it brings a certain amount of character knowing an item has lived multiple lives. Who knows what adventures await it next. 

Do you ever get the itch to turn old things into new? What projects have you got ideas for using reclaimed materials? Let me know in the comments so we can inspire each other!


Cass xx

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