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BTS: Influence and Inspiration.

what inspired my creations by lazy girl lingerie

The elements I feel most connected to as a person and creatively (as I feel these two go hand in hand!) would be music and art. I guess I would describe them as soul food - I honestly could not live a day without them.  I love that art and music evoke feelings about what the artist is passionate about, and their art connects you to them. 

I definitely feel a strong connection to beautiful textiles as well. Sometimes I discover a beautiful lace, or another type of fabric, and just seeing it gets my creative juices itching to play around with it in my studio to see what I can come up with. Each design starts with a rough plan and a rough sketch, but the key word is rough. I often find as I make the magic starts to happen and new ideas come during this process. 

As someone wise once said “Design is thinking made visual”. 

What gets you inspired to create?

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