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Bralettes for a Full Bust

Love bralettes but feel frustrated that they just don't support your bust? THIS, my friend, is the blog post for you!
Bralettes are going crazy around the globe right now and for good reason. They are comfortable, soft and oh so pretty. If you have a fuller bust size though, it might leave you feeling frustrated, like there aren't many options to cater to your size. Through my handmade label, I am really trying to cater to the widest variety of sizes and body shapes that I can, because it really is important to me that women of all shapes and sizes feel happy, sexy and confident in their lingerie. 
I'm excited to be launching this pretty little lingerie set "May". More than just any other bralette, she offers soft support and comfort for a bigger cup size. How so? Check out the diagram below. 
Supportive bralette for a full bust plus size
Plus size lingerie by Lazy Girl Lingerie
Bralet soft cup bra for large bust sizes DD+
May is a soft cup bralet made from a fusion of soft stretch lace and mesh.  Her adjustable straps and hook and eyes allow for easy adjustments while feeling 'secure' while wearing her. Her full coverage cup actually covers your bust, as well as the side bust so you don't feel like you are 'spilling' out anywhere. 
Sometimes I get asked about the sizing of my bralettes on the website. I choose to ask for two measurements - one is your bra band size, and one is your cup size. Your bra band size is selected from my sizing chart between XXS-XXL. It is the measurement of your under bust - around your ribs, directly under your bust and where the band of your bra would sit. If you are outside of this size range, it does not mean that I cannot make an item for you, it just means that I would love for you to shoot me an email so we can discuss a custom size order! The second measurement that I ask for is your cup size. My bras do not have wires, but it is great to know your cup size so that I can ensure your coverage is adequate - for example a 14A needs very different coverage to a 14E. 
Remember, the aim of these bralettes is not to change your bust shape like a push up bra would, but rather to gently support it naturally.
I hope you love this dainty little number as much as I do. I envision sipping on tea in my prettiest tea cup with some fluffy slippers - now to find some slippers on Etsy!
Cass xx

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