Monday Mindset

As of late, I have been a little bit addicted to podcasts. I love listening to them when I'm getting ready in the mornings, when I drive my car, sometimes when I am sewing orders in my studio. I find them really beneficial to fill my mind with positive information, learn, and train myself to combat the negative thoughts that are oh-so easy to develop. 

I came across one titled "Why you don't get what you want; it's not what you expect" by Jennice Vilhauer that I thought you guys might find really inspiring. I sure did!

The negative voice in the back of our minds can be a real downer and hold us back from things in life that we would really love to achieve, and are perfectly capable of doing! I know I am definitely guilty of self sabotaging myself and this video made me realise that a simple shift in our minds of what we WANT out of life instead of what we EXPECT to get can be so powerful.

Of course, so many things are out of our control and 'shit happens' but, if you anticipate good things you will act more confidently and be better equipped to deal with problems that may arise. Makes me think of the quote "Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you'll land in the stars anyway". 

Check out the TED talk and let me know what you think! Do you think that focusing on what you WANT can help you to achieve a better outcome? Let me know in the comments - I would love to hear from you. 

Happy Monday!

Cass xx