Buying your girl lingerie is a no brainer - a gift for her and a gift for you, all in one. 

Does it freak you out a little though? If you're a little nervous and unsure how to go about doing it, this guide is for you. 

First of all, never be afraid to let me know that you are buying for your significant other and feel a little unsure about doing so. This is SO common, I receive a lot of emails from lovely dudes and gals buying for their partners and I am always delighted to help them. 

Secondly, the more info the better. Getting a great fit is (in my opinion) one of the things that makes you feel sexy and confident in your lingerie. Plus,  as an indie designer I am happy to make customisations for your girl's special needs. She might have a bigger bust and smaller band size, she might be tall and have a long torso or she might have a booty.

It's a great idea to check out her existing lingerie for size (bra AND panties, people!), styles (is she a full suspender set kind of gal, or more comfy in bodysuits?), colour (is she a woman of timeless black, racy red or eclectic blue?) and brands (it helps to know as certain brands can vary in sizes).

It's as easy as that!

My go to suggestions for gifts:

For the vintage vixen

Blake Lingerie Set. 

For the total sweetheart

Ivy Lingerie Set. 

For the simply sophisticated babe

Harper Bodysuit

For the modern romantic

Willa Bodysuit